Home prices rise by 18%

Home Prices in Mill City rise by 18% in one year

By Michelle Gates

  It’s a seller’s market in the North Santiam Canyon, with demand exceeding available properties for sale, according to real estate expert Sandy Lyness of Sandy Lyness Real Estate Investments, LLC.  She says that buyers are falling in love with the area but are having a hard time finding homes for sale that fit their needs due to limited inventory.
 This could be why property values in Mill City are on the rise. Reports from the Willamette Valley Multiple Listing Service state that the average home price in the City of Mill City has increased by over $26,000 between 2015 and 2016. That’s an 18.44% increase in just one year.
  In the City of Lyons, that increase stands at 14.33%. Home sellers were seeing a nearly $35,000 increase in their home value in 2016. By the end of 2016, the average home price in Lyons hit over $277,000.
  Some speculate that prices have peaked, and now is the time to sell. They’re watching how many people come to Oregon, and in 2016, Oregon dropped to the third most popular state. Between 2013-2015, Oregon was the number one destination, based on an annual survey by United Van Lines.
“A lot of my home sellers are finding that now is the time to get the best dollar for their real estate investments, while the demand is high for our area properties,” said Sandy Lyness.
 So how can sellers find out how much their property is worth? “Give me a call, that’s the most accurate way,” said Sandy Lyness. “We live in such a variable area with properties that have such distinct characteristics that it’s hard for sellers to find the true value without doing some advanced research. A good real estate agent can do that for them.”
Sandy Lyness says that’s what she specializes in doing for her clients. “That’s what I love to do. I love to work with those sellers who are in my community, who live in my own backyard. My knowledge of the area means that I can give sellers the best exposure and the best opportunity for realizing their full investment.”
 To get a current market analysis of your property, contact Sandy Lyness, Principal Broker, at 503-551-2645 or email sandylyness@yahoo.com.
   Sandy Lyness Real Estate Investments, LLC is located at 49258 SE Kingwood Ave., Mill City Oregon 97360. They can be reached at 503-897-4500, online at www.sandylynessrealestate.com or Sandy Lyness Real Estate Investments on Facebook. Buyer’s broker Linda McAlister can be reached on her cell at 503-507-0739 or by email at lindamcalister36@yahoo.com

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